The new Pilobolus Blog & email subscriptions

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Yesterday we launched the new Pilobolus Blog!  The URL is still the same – – but there are a number of improvements to the site that will make it easier to find out all you want to know about Pilobolus.  We will still post dancer interviews, photos, videos, news, and updates on the company, but in a more readable, interactive layout.

If you’re an email subscriber to the Pilobolus Blog and receive an email in your inbox every time a new post is published, please visit the new blog and enter your email address in the sidebar on the right and click “Subscribe.”  The sidebar is highlighted here:

(Yes, that is an interactive map of the 2010-2011 season, btw.)

The current email subscription service is changing, so you will no longer receive email notifications on new blog posts unless you re-subscribe on the new blog.  We’ve already posted an interview with Jordan Kriston, one of our new dancers this season, so head on over to the new Pilobolus Blog and check it out, and don’t forget to re-subscribe to continue your email notifications!

Upcoming Auditions and a New Blog

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First blog post of the new season!

It’s been a while since the last post, hasn’t it?  Worry no more – the Pilobolus Blog was merely in a “chrysalis” phase.  We’ve been working hard over the past couple of weeks to make the Pilobolus blog bigger and better and are proud to announce that the new Pilobolus Blog will be arriving next week!  Stay tuned!

Also, an important announcement: we will be holding men’s and women’s auditions in New York City in October for a new Pilobolus project.

Seeking experienced dancers with  diverse athletic and circus skills for a touring circus production in Europe.  Those with stilts, aerial, and/or hip hop skills are encouraged to audition.

Employment beginning immediately through January 2012.   Must have valid US Passport.  No allergies to horses.  Age 21 +.

WOMEN: Monday October 11

MEN: Tuesday October 12

CALL BACKS: October 12, 13 & 14 in NYC

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  To make an appointment:


Phone: Call Kris 860-868-0538 x 16 (M-F; 9am – 5pm EST)

Please pass this along to others!

2009-2010 Season Summary and Pilobolus Blog Feedback

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The 2009-2010 season is over and the ’10-’11 season has begun, marking the 40th year since our humble beginnings at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.  We have a lot planned in celebration of this landmark, which we’ll be talking about in the coming weeks.

A quick summary of what happened during our 39th season:

We did also have one event of enormous sadness for us all:  the passing of Jonathan Wolken, one of our founding artistic directors.  We are still processing this great loss and have begun in his memory the Jonathan Wolken Fund for Education to continue Jonathan’s lifelong work in the development and encouragement of creative collaboration.

Since we started the Pilobolus Blog in November of 2009, we’ve received a lot of feedback and comments on what our readers like about the blog.  Here’s another chance to tell us what you want to see in the Pilobolus Blog for the next season.  We’d love to hear ideas for new posts or features too! Take the poll and comment below.  You can also send an email to

Summer Workshops at Dartmouth

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Since the beginning of this week, Pilobolus’ rehearsal director and artistic associate Renee Jaworski and creative director Matt Kent have been busy during their two-week residency at Dartmouth College.  In addition to teaching two collaborative choreographic workshops that culminate in a free community performance (scheduled for next weekend), they also taught a workshop at the Montshire Museum in Norwich, Vermont today.

Three Dartmouth students taking the workshops are keeping an online journal on Dartmouth’s Hopkins Center for the Arts Facebook page.  Click here to read the journal.

For more information on the workshops and the community performance:

“Make-A-Show” Movement Workshop with Pilobolus
If you like to move, this intensive, fun workshop—emphasizing a collaborative approach to creativity—is for you. No dance experience required—just energy and openness to create! Attendance at all sessions required; workshop culminates in a free community performance August 21. For ages 12-100. Sponsored by Lebanon Recreation and Parks Department and the Hopkins Center.

Summer Intensive with Pilobolus
Dancers Matt Kent and Renee Jaworski lead a four-session workshop in creative collaboration. For dancers and non-dancers. Ages 14 and up.

Community Showing
The culminating performance of a summer dance intensive sponsored by the Hop and the Lebanon Recreation & Parks Department. For more info, call Hop Outreach at 603.646.2010.

The Dynamic Earth: Exploring Motions of the Earth through Dance
Seasons change, rivers flow, the sky moves. Learn how to interpret our dynamic Earth’s rhythms through dance. Cosponsored by the Montshire Museum of Science. For families, age 4 through adult. For more info, visit

Little Inspirations: Dalton Ghetti

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It takes Connecticut-based sculptor Dalton Ghetti several months to create a new piece of work.  That may not seem unusual for a sculptor but, considering the scale of Ghetti’s work (which is sometimes as minuscule as a few millimeters), we think it’s pretty incredible.

What you’re looking at is a handsaw, carved out of the head of a #2 pencil.  Amazing, right?

Dalton works for hours at a time, using only a sewing needle and a razor blade.  He even refuses to use a magnifying glass and has never sold any of his work, only given it away to friends.  His most consuming work was a chain link he carved out of a single pencil, which took him two and a half years.  (Since then, he has gotten much more efficient at chains.)

Dalton's first chain link, dated 12-05-87, CT, USA

He even did the alphabet.  Remember our version of the alphabet, photographed by John Kane?  Here’s our comparison: (click on the photo for a larger version)

Maybe we should team up and do the numbers?

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(photos courtesy of Dalton Ghetti/Solent News)

Meet Elizabeth, our Summer Intern

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This summer, Pilobolus hired Elizabeth Hoffman to do some interning with our organization.  Her internship duties are over, so we wanted to ask her how her summer went.

Jeffrey: First, say a little bit about yourself!  Where are you from, and what is your background?

Elizabeth: I’m a student at Dartmouth College, about to enter my sophomore year.  I’ve grown up dancing, from dining room jams with my mom when I was a baby to the rigorous modern program I have now at school.  My home is in Concord, Massachusetts, and when I get to go back, I spend lots of time with my huge family (two parents, two step-parents, two siblings, two step-siblings, half sister, cat and dog) and close friends.  At school I’m working on pre-med courses and a Women’s and Gender Studies major.

Jeffrey: How did you find out about Pilobolus’ summer internship?

Elizabeth: Because of Pilobolus’ roots, I stumbled upon a connection to the company through Dartmouth.  (Blogger’s note: Pilobolus was founded at Dartmouth College in 1971, in case you didn’t know.) David Mechlin, the Vice-Chair of Pilobolus’ Board of Directors, is involved with the Hopkins Center for the Arts at the college.  Since I spend a lot of time in the dance studio and the Hop, I found out about the internship and applied right away!

Jeffrey: It’s all about who you know these days!  What have you been doing this summer as a part of the internship?

Elizabeth: I came to Washington three weeks before the annual Pilobolus Ball in July and stayed three weeks after.  The work was all about getting ready for the event and fundraiser, and then processing all the finances afterward.  I was mostly in charge of the silent auction and the 61 items with various biddings and winners!  I had no idea how much work goes into an event like this– the program work, the donations, the paperwork and bills.

Jeffrey: But you survived it all, obviously, and even went on to take the Pilobolus Workshop a few weeks ago.  Can you tell us about that?

Elizabeth: The Pilobolus Workshop was the main highlight of my internship.  I loved how challenged I was by working with so many different voices and bodies.  I found the collaboration difficult to manage but ultimately very rewarding.  My final group choreographic project turned out really well (I liked it, at least!).  I discovered that learning to listen and work in groups is an ongoing process, no matter how much experience you think you have.  I also learned that persistence can go a long way in creativity.  And my favorite part was getting to know the fellow dancers.  Each person appreciated the workshop in a different way and offered a distinct perspective to the group.

Jeffrey: What’s next for you now that your internship is over?

Elizabeth: I am now on Lake Michigan with my family.  We spend time here in the summers with my grandfather and cousins.  It’s a wonderful place filled with clean water, fudge and loved ones!  Unfortunately though, there’s not a local modern dance scene… maybe Pilobolus can come visit!

Jeffrey: I’m sure the dancers of P7 would love to, but as you know they are about to take two weeks of much-needed and well-deserved “R&R.”  These two weeks are the longest break that they get during the year.  There’s a good chance some of them will just try to sleep the entire two weeks.  Haha.

Elizabeth: They’ve earned it!

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Yesterday (Saturday, August 8th) was our last day of performances at the Joyce Theater in NYC.  Way to go, dancers!!

Last chance to catch us at the Joyce this season

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As of today (Wednesday), there are only 5 remaining shows at the Joyce Theater in NYC.  Tickets for each night are selling fast, so waste no time in visiting the Joyce website or calling the box office (JoyceCharge: 212-242-0800) to get your tickets!

Tomorrow night (Thursday) is the last performance of Program 1, which features “Hapless Hooligan in ‘Still Moving,'” our collaboration with the Pulitzer prize-winning comics artist Art Spiegelman, as well as the beautiful duet “Symbiosis,” performed by dancers Jenny Mendez and Manelich Minniefee.

Also, these last remaining shows are the last performances of two of our dancers, Annika Sheaff and Chris Whitney, who are both leaving the company after this season.  They will be sorely missed.  Catch them in action one last time!

See you at the Joyce!